In a world where anthros are real, one guy tries to fit in – but these pirates don’t play pretend!

Alestorm – Keelhaul

Actors: myself ( furaffinity.user/bornes ), James ( ),
corezy ( )

Pirate ship/sea sources: PotC movies; “Scariest ship to ever sail the seven seas”; “Rough Seas on HMS Bounty”;”Indian ocean shark footage – raw”; “ocean sailing sounds”

Backdrop is a combination of 3 different photos, 1 from HMS Bounty footage, other two randoms from google image search.


It is not perfect but I have spent over 12 hours editing this. The green screen was poster board taped together. Keyed much better than I expected, but lighting was bad so had to mask quite a few shots. Eventually said fuck it. This video is supposed to be super campy anyway so I think it works out. I am just not willing to put in more than 20 hours of work for something I wanted to have fun with. (filming it took roughly 5 hours).